Application bases for Cámara Lúcida - V International Film Festival - Online edition.

  • Application dates begin on May, 25th 2020, and finish on August, 2nd 2020.


  • The festival will be held from November 12 to 23 in an online platform. Each film will be available for 3 days, or until it reaches 150 reproductions, once this number of reproductions or the three-days has been reached, the link will be closed as SOLD OUT. The dynamic of the exhibition will take place on a stream window inserted in our official web page without stream option on another browser tab. This way we will prevent piracy or non-authorized link reproductions. Cámara Lúcida ensures a secure high-quality platform for the exhibition.

  • The call is open for cinematographic works from all genders; films that due to their diverse explorations mark a trend on contemporary cinema thinking. Although our interest is in non-fiction and experimental cinema, we will also consider fiction films that blur the margins of conventional cinematographic creation. Finally, we are interested in expanded cinema, digital installations, mixtapes, etc.

  • The films must be unpublished which country of origin is Ecuador and must not have been previously exhibited commercially.

  • We will carry out an interview with each filmmaker which we will be published editorially on the "Cámara Lúcida" website.

  • There is no time limit on the participant films.

  • Applications are open for film works that have been made since January from January 2019, with priority to productions released in 2020.

  • The reception of films will be done via the internet, through the use of any platform to share information (Mega, WeTransfer, Drive, etc).

  • After the programming of Encuentros Cinematográficos, Cámara Lúcida has accepted the film work within its programming, it can no longer be withdrawn.

  • Individuals, independent, producers, groups of any nationality and sexual identity, etc. can participate.

  • Cámara Lúcida is a non-competitive platform since we prefer to present film works from equity, formulating a process of reflection, not an incentive.

  • Cámara Lúcida does not have the economic capacity to pay screening fees at this time, but to manage an economic fund until the date before the festival, we will grant a screening fee to each artist.






- Let the images be fire: Communicating with the world cinematographic movement, we bring together film works from their political need, giving way to the gestation of perspectives on the current state of the human movement, its resistance, and sensitivities. Political cinema is also one that puts the status quo to the limit through the power of the gaze and aesthetic development.

- Ports: The films presented in this category stand out for generating particular points of view and perspectives on the contemporary experience of being in the world, allowing the film experience to become a journey through stories and language.

- Fractals: This set of works sutures from their reading capacity, where a classic look cannot be applied and cannot be represented using traditional definitions. Like the cause of a river, these works travel a less defined path, determined by their organicity and condition.

- Cinema of transgression: All kinds of feminist, queer, non-binary, or non-normative films by heteropatriarchal systems.

- Equatorial: A selection specifically open to proposals made by Ecuadorian authors, authors, producers, or works made with a production from Ecuador that proposes to depart from the conventional canons.

- Guest Curatorships: It is already our tradition to host independent curatorial proposals, strengthening our process with valuable views on cinema and the world. Curatorships from all over the world with a maximum projection time of 120 minutes.

- Expanded poetics: Dedicated to all branches of expanded cinema: digital performance, digital installations, mixtapes, etc.

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